We see our role as helping you to develop robust policies, procedures and processes and are happy to provide a number of sample documents and templates.

We are, or course, always available to help you.

Our list of free resources changes so please check this site regularly for updates.

risk assessments

Health and Safety

Risk Assessments

Some businesses feel confident to develop their own risk assessments and safe working procedures and we are happy to provide sample risk assessments for you to download and adapt as required.

We are happy to review any assessment and procedures that you develop in house and will be happy to quote you for this service.

Current sample risk assessments available to download are:

Risk Assessment



Cleaning a Deep Fat Fryer ( including a task analysis)

Risk Assessment



Moving Heavy Loads


Risk Assessment



Cash Handling


Risk Assessment



Weils Disease


Please note these samples are provided as guidance only and will need to be adapted to your individual business circumstances.

Statutory Inspections

It can be difficult to find up to date information on the various types of inspections that need to be arranged to comply with relevant legislation and guidance.  To help you we have prepared a sample list which can be viewed and downloaded.

Food Safety

1. E. Coli Audit and Action Plan

Use this simple self audit tool to review your existing E. Coli controls.  Detailed guidance on E.Coli controls can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

2. Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) Sample Safe Methods

Click here for a sample SFBB Safe Method for E. Coli control.  (N.B.  All safe methods must be customised to reflect your business practices).

3. Staff Hygiene Rules

All staff should be instructed on the hygiene rules that apply in your business.  Click here for a sample set of rules that can be adapted for your business.

4. Sample Cleaning Schedule

Click here to download a sample cleaning schedule for a catering business. (this will need to be adapted to your business)

5. SFBB Full Year Diary (to download and print and add to your pack)

Click here to download a blank full year SFBB diary as a pdf

Cook Time Calculator for core temps from 60 to 80 Degrees Celcius

Important:  This calculator uses data provided by the Food Standards Agency to achieve effective control over Listeria, E Coli  and Salmonella. These time/temperature combinations will not destroy bacterial spores.
This chart is not appropriate for Sous Vide cooking, please contact us for further advice.

Temperature Degrees Celcius

  • 60
  • 65
  • 70
  • 75
  • 80

= Cooking Time